We Think Green

We believe in sustainability, with absolute respect to nature. In all abav² rooms & Suites, we do our best to maintain natural balance. We use cutting edge technologies for heating and cooling, as well as lighting purposes. We also use water consciously and hence protect our planet, without compromising the quality of services provided to our guests. Avoidance of chemicals is of the highest priority and we instead adopt eco-friendly products for cleaning and washing. Raising awareness to our staff and training our team of professionals to a more sustainable hotel management offers us the certainty of great results. Among the major practices throughout the premises of abav²:

  • Energy saving light bulbs and appliances
  • Eco-friendly heating and cooling
  • Prudent water usage
  • Avoidance of chemicals
  • Recycling
  • Sustainable products (locally grown ingredients etc.) 
  • Solar energy
  • Respect to nature
  • Vast gardens
Iraklidon Avenue (Trianton), Ixia 85100 Rhodes, Greece.
T: +30 22410 97222, F: +30 22410 25350
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